Food Machinery & Raw Material

ARPOURLA establishes relationships with the world’s top chocolate manufacturers, introduces various sophisticated chocolate equipment and production knowledge, and cooperates with domestic chocolate manufacturers to innovate chocolate products and make Taiwan consumers to experience healthy and delicious chocolate produced in Taiwan. We continue to refine its expertise in the chocolate industry field, develop and distribute high-quality chocolate machinery and raw material brands, grasp the latest market context, and strictly control our agent brands. In the future, ARPOURLA will keep deepening Taiwan’s chocolate market with more chocolate companies and entrepreneurs.




Chocolate World is the leading brand of chocolate based in Belgian. It develops, manufactures, and sells chocolate molds and machines. It is proud of continuously improving and upgrading various equipments. A new version of the mold is launched every year for customers to make more innovative chocolate products.


  • MOULDS: Frame Moulds, Hollow Figure Moulds, Magnetic Moulds for Transfers, Egg Moulds, Silicone Molds, Marzipan Moulds, Spinning Moulds, and etc. 
  • MACHINES: Tempering, Enrobing, Filling and Dosing, Decorate, Mixing and Coating, Cutting & Grating, Cooling and Freezing, Melting and Heating, Thermoforming, and etc. 
  • OTHER TOOLS: Baking and Cooking, Decorate, Hand Tools, Templates, Storing and Presenting, Filling and Dosing, Cutting and Grating, Measuring and Weighing, Melting and Heating, Packaging and etc.


CocoaTown designs, develops, manufactures, distributes, sells and services specialty machines for small-batch craft chocolate industry.  The complete line of machines consists of Roaster, Cracker, Winnower and Melanger / Grindeur for making high quality, healthy dark chocolate from cocoa beans (Bean to Bar industry) for entry level and also for commercial level. CocoaTown has many chocolate-specialty and customized equipments that are not available anywhere else. It also have cooperated countless chocopreneurs established its businesses in more than 100 countries.

In 2013, CocoaTown received Innovation in Fine Chocolate Products from FCIA (Fine Chocolate Industry Association).


  • MACHINES: Roasters, Crackers, Winnowers, Pregrinders, Melangers, Grinders, and etc.
  • OTHER TOOLS: Accessories Tools, Evaluation Tools, and etc.


MERIDIAN is an American chocolate raw material trader. It conducts field visits to cocoa bean producing areas all over the world, looks for high-quality cocoa beans and agricultural products, and establishes sales channels for local farmers. It commits to improve farmers’ lives and allows cocoa lovers around the world to enjoy a variety of special high-quality chocolates!


  • COCOA PRODUCTS: Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Pods, and etc.
  • OTHERS: Sugar, Vanilla, and etc.